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Events and Happenings

Open Space is a unique and rustic venue (mostly outdoor) situated in the hills of Lamma Island that has been operating as a community space and private events facility for almost 15 years.

A wide range of happenings have been hosted at Open Space over the years; movie nights, musical concerts, band rehearsals, jam nights, art jams, arts and crafts classes, craft markets, yoga retreats, cooking classes, mini festivals, corporate team building, DJ showcases and parties, birthday celebrations, baby showers, BBQ's and in recent years Forest School.

Please get in touch if you might be interested in booking Open Space for your next  event. 
Equipped with full sound and AV equipment and can accommodate groups of up to 200 people depending the event.

Parties    BBQ's    Music    Forest School 



Tai Ling Village, Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island

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