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Organising and Decluttering

Private consultations

Home or place of business

Hands on assistance

Clarity of mind

Efficient use of space

Coaching and counselling

Storage solutions



Tamara Norris has changed my life forever! Her organising skills, communication skills, dealing w/the kids and communicating w/them are incredibly effective. She also understands the psyche and she goes BEYOND the labelling and storage. She is SUPERB!


I highly recommend her if you want to get your life in order by discarding and organising AND recover from BUYING THINGS! Tough love, that woman!"  

Denise Pontak

Sounding Board
and Personal Support

In person or by phone

Guidance and Support

Wellness Tools

Clarifying Ideas
Facilitating Assistance

Coordinating Resources
Accompaniment to appointments
Support in the home or hospital/care home

It’s reassuring to have someone who you can talk to when life gets rough or when your mind gets cluttered. I find Tamara very trustworthy and easy to talk to. To me, a sounding board is someone who listens without judgment. Tamara helps me to clear my mind and put things into perspective. I can say any weird thing or irrational idea that pops into my head to Tamara, knowing that she won’t judge but hear me out with love and an open mind. I find her values down to earth and her ideas always practical. Talking to Tamara always makes me feel better. I’m grateful for her love and care.

Kumi Masunaga, Founder and Director

F&B Training 
and Consulting

Secret Shopper/Auditing

Food Hygiene

BOH & FOH and Mangement Training
Systems Development

Costing and Efficiency

Cooking classes for all ages
Management Training

Menu Design and Brainstorming



As a new restaurant owner, we were able to benefit greatly from all of Tamara’s experience and expertise in the food and beverage industry. She advised and advocated for us professionally so that we could strive to achieve our goals through strategized designing of our food service facilities and operating systems. Her primary focus was always the welfare and success of our restaurant by using her extensive knowledge in the hospitality and F & B industry. She was able to bring a level of professionalism that we were looking for in our establishment by sharing that knowledge by training our staff, implementing service operations, and overall development of our new business.

Pamela Bovitz, Owner

Lapa Cafe Bar, Lamma Island

Events and Happenings

Events for Kids and Adults

Forest School

DJ's and Parties

Music Concerts

Birthday Parties 

BBQ and Campfire

Movie Nights

Art Jams


"We feel very lucky to have discovered a forest school for our son who is highly active, loves exploring and playing outside. Tamara takes them on an adventure and encourages learning through play in nature it's very beautiful to witness. We have seen our son develop because of her classes and we will continue to join them for as long as we can!"

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