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Personal Support and Wellness

& Decluttering

Tamara's passion for decluttering and organisation began to grow over 25 years ago whilst working in the food and beverage industry, in Canada, where she specialised in training and coaching management and F.O.H. and B.O.H. staff; reorganising workspaces and storage facilities - considering safety, efficiency and aesthetics.

Over the years Tamara has worked with artists, musicians, shop owners, business professionals, and domestic moms and dads - organising studios, workshops, offices, restaurants and private homes.  

Whether you are striving for efficiency, more aesthetically pleasing surroundings or mental and emotional calmness, we can help you to get organised mentally and physically.


De-cluttering and organising is simply a matter of learning a new skill and understanding or becoming aware of how you actually use and interact with your space.

Many of our actions and habits are mostly subconscious: how you shop, how you measure wants and needs, how you store items, how you decide on what stays and what goes. Until we take a good look at these habits, long lasting change is difficult to achieve.


Often clutter in the home can be a reflection of or cause of internal turmoil or unsettledness personally and within the family. Coaching and counselling are key here and would typically focus on attachment issues, emotional obstacles such as depression, lack of motivation, low self-worth and or self confidence to name a few. Getting to the root of these issues and seeing the connection to your space is often very liberating and can lift a weight from your shoulders that you have never really been able to pin point. 

There is always the option of not getting personal as well, if that is what you prefer!

Reach out and lets make a positive change, together!

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