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Cooking Classes
and F&B Consulting



Tamara, founder of Vivid Vibrations, started her F&B career at the young age of 13 years old where she learned the ropes

in the dingy depths at the back of a restaurant kitchen doing dishes and practicing her knife skills for 7-8 hours

every Saturday and Sunday, chopping and slicing - filling 50 pound bus-pans with perfectly measured carrot/celery sticks,

tomato wedges and onion slices - rolling 10 pounds of grated cheddar and mozzarella cheese into 1 ounce balls - basically doing all

the jobs that the 'real' prep person hated doing!

Mastering the jobs at hand, Tamara quickly progressed through the kitchen ranks and was even allowed

to venture into the front house to work as a hostess and server/bartender. Over the years she excelled at all positions

in both front and back of house and in her early 20's was promoted to supervisor, mobile catering manager,

kitchen manager and ultimately to Corporate Trainer before leaving Canada to come to Hong Kong at 28 years old.

Her skills and expertise in F&B continued to be an essential part of Vivid Vibrations, formed almost 20 years ago,

with quality hospitality and customer service being very important to all her offerings - from cooking classes,

creative and corporate training events, small scale personalised catering and F&B consulting and training. 

Tamara and the Vivid Vibrations's team are fully prepared to coach you regardless of your starting skill set. 


Bespoke classes, workshops and consulting for both personal and professional improvement.

Cooking Classes and Workshops


Our bespoke classes are for children, teens, and adults and can be offered one - to - one or in a small group setting.


All classes take place in your home where you will learn to be comfortable in your kitchen.


We can help you learn to shop, chop, cook, plan a menu and even execute your own dinner party!

Consulting and Training
F&B and Customer Service


Opening a new cafe or restaurant or want to better your existing business?


We can help organise your space, develop systems for inventory and costing, train staff, develop menus and more. 

We offer one off consulting sessions as well as ongoing focussed mentoring and support. 

through cooking


Ongoing sessions allow us to

get to know each other

and build a relationship built

on trust and mutual interest

while learning and practicing

important life skills.


Perfect for teens and adults

looking for emotional support, companionship and opportunity

for personal growth.

What people are saying......

Charlotte Douglus

Mum of 2 teens

Tamara has run some really excellent cookery workshops for our teenage child - everything from menu planning, shopping, food preparation, knife skills, cooking and cleaning up is covered to a very high degree of care. Not only is the food produced at the end delicious, but our child always comes away feeling really proud of themselves, having had a really good time. Tamara is a wonderful teacher, calm, kind and supportive - she teaches skills that are applicable to life both in and out of the kitchen and I can highly recommend her cooking workshops.

Pamela Bovitz

Owner, Lapa Cafe Bar

Lamma Island

As a new restaurant owner, we were able to benefit greatly from all of Tamara’s experience and expertise in the food and beverage industry. She advised and advocated for us professionally so that we could strive to achieve our goals through strategized designing of our food service facilities and operating systems. Her primary focus was always the welfare and success of our restaurant by using her extensive knowledge in the hospitality and F & B industry. She was able to bring a level of professionalism that we were looking for in our establishment by sharing that knowledge by training our staff, implementing service operations, and overall development of our new business.
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